EduBed is a platform that connects vetted accommodation to students and visitors of educational institutions

Student experience has become a key requirement of a university's offering

Universities are having to look holistically at how their students are catered and cared for. Institutions have had to recognise that a student's success is not entirely dependent on core academic offerings.

Student life is a multifaceted journey involving safety, health, transport and the community a student builds through their housing choices.

EduBed has identified that the quality of a student's housing experience plays a pivotal role in their wellbeing.

EduBed aims to make students happier, healthier and more successful by improving their housing experience.

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How it works:



  • Hosts and residence managers build detailed property profiles
  • Hosts and residence managers define guest preferences:
    • Visiting academics
    • Postgraduates
    • Undergraduates
    • Exchange students
    • Families, etc.


  • Universities define their housing norms & standards
  • Universities can vet accommodation offered using our vetting management system, or nominate other parties to vet for them


  • Universities invite guests (students or visitors) onto EduBed.com
  • EduBed is a secure system, only visible to registered users

Student life is a multi- faceted journey involving safety, health, transport and the community students build through their housing choices.



  • Guests only see houses they qualify for
  • They can get an understanding of the suburbs on offer
  • They can choose the property and room they prefer


  • Quick and simple date selection process
  • Guests book and pay
  • Hosts and residence managers notified of bookings
  • Guests and hosts can communicate freely


  • Universities can track their guest cohorts
  • They can export data on demand

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Benefits of using EduBed:


  • Be the institution of choice
  • Offer well organised housing options
  • Make students and visitors feel welcome

Student experience

  • Remove stress around the accommodation search
  • Be informed of critical information like Safety, transport and visa info
  • Learn about your new city: Suburb info, Local attractions etc.


  • Housing and guest analytics on demand
  • Universities can make strategic decisions based on comprehensive data
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